Ascension Pearl

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Ascension Pearl

A pearl capable of not only turning visions into Neo Visions, but also further awakening those Neo Visions when used in conjunction with special fragments. The flashes of light surrounding the pearl are believed to be excess energy overflowing from the power sealed within it.


EX Awakening

Base Rarity EX level Pearls
5-star Rarity-5.png NV.png 1
EX.png 1 2
EX.png 2 3
EX.png 2 3

Crafting Material


How to obtain




Fragment Conversion

  • Convert a base 5-star Rarity-5.png ~ 6-star Rarity-6.png unit in exchange for 25 fragments and 1 pearl.
  • Convert a 7-star Rarity-7.png unit in exchange for 50 fragments and 2 pearls.
  • Convert a NV.png unit in exchange for 50 fragments and 4 pearls. This only applies to units with a base 5-star Rarity-5.png .
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