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Aranea's Helm (FFXV)

A black helm brought from the faraway world of Eos. The helm has a unique design, and is made so that the you can see the wearer's facial expression. This particular helm wasn't wide spread among the imperial forces, and instead was used only by a certain beautiful female dragoon that was affiliated with the empire forces.


  • Type: Armor (Helm)
  • Stats: ATK+20, DEF+24, SPR+24
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: -


  • This item can be crafted via the "Enh. Equip." menu. It will only be viewable when you have one of the necessary materials to craft it.
  • Crafting to the next rarity will initially cost Gil12,000. With each subsequent craft the cost will increase by Gil6,000.
  • Although some units may be listed twice for the To Lead and Command a Unit passive, the affected units will not receive the effect twice. Instead one passive is for their Normal form and the other is for their Brave Shift form. Units that are listed once that have both forms should be housed under only one passive, e.g. Oracle Maiden Lunafreya.
Name Rarity Statistics Insignia
Aranea's Helm (FFXV) +0 ATK+20, DEF+24, SPR+24 - -
+1 ATK+24, DEF+30, SPR+26 500 500
+2 ATK+28, DEF+30, SPR+30 750 1250
+3 ATK+32, DEF+36, SPR+36
Effect: To Lead and Command a Unit (FFXV units only),
Lady With Battle Experience (Aranea only)
1250 2500

Crafting recipe


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