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Ability materia, simply called "Ability" in-game, is an item that can be equipped to units with ability slots. This page lists not only ability materia available, but also includes abilities obtained from all equipment, other materia, and espers as well.

Magic abilities require units to have their affinity level equal or greater of the listed value to equip, while special abilities have no requirement whatsoever. This doesn't apply to equipment or espers.

Stat Boosts Stat Boosts Stat Boosts
Damage Modifiers Killer Effects Killer EffectsJump Boosts Jump BoostsLB BoostsSkill Modifier Boosts
Equipment Related Equipment Masteries Equipment MasteriesAllow Equipment Use Allow Equipment UseEquipment Stats DoublehandEquipment Stats True Doublehand
Equipment Stats True Dual Wield
Damage Reduction (Elemental) Resistance Boosts (Elemental) Resistance BoostsAilment Resistance Boosts Ailment Resistance BoostsCounters & Mirages Counters & MiragesTankings Tankings
Evasion Physical EvasionEvasion Magic Evasion
Miscellaneous LB Gain LB GainEspersOthersUnit Exclusive
Active Abilities Special Abilities (Active)White Magic White MagicBlack Magic Black MagicGreen Magic Green Magic

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