Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

5★ Select Summon Ticket

Collect 10 and exchange them for a unit from the list of applicable units available.


Acquire 10 to exchange for a guaranteed 5-star★ special summon or 8 to exchange for a unit's prism.

How to obtain




  • Limited units and their prisms are not included in the summon pool.
  • The unit and prism pools only consist of units and prisms that currently have a 7★ rarity available.
  • Featured units and their prisms will be available in the unit summon pool at the start time of their featured summon period.
    • After 11/7/2019, only the prisms of featured units will be added to the prism pool.
    • Starting from 8/20/20, units that were not included in the unit pool will be added in waves.
  • The units and prisms that are available in the summon pool can be previewed so long as the player has the 10 required tickets. Previewing will not exhaust the tickets unless a unit or prism has been chosen and the player agrees to the given terms.